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Uncovering the Beauty: A Guide to Collecting Weiss Signature Jewelry

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Collecting Weiss Signature Jewelry

WEISS - Albert Weiss. Weiss is one of the premier designers of top quality costume jewelry, on the par with Eisenberg, Boucher and other great designers of the 40's and 50's. Weiss jewelry was a 1940s company and discontinued business about 1971, they were a much underrated name in the costume jewelry business but some of their jewelry was purchased from Hollywood Jewelry Co and Weiss applied their signature to it. Located in New York, NY. they created a low end line and high end line of costume jewelry and also made some high quality collectible items. Their output was no where near Trifari and Coro but they did maintain a very good line of jewelry. The first mark used was "WEISS" in block print, later came the mark of "Weiss" in script and "Albert Weiss" or A W Co. with the W looking some what like a crown. The later mark was introduced sometime in 1951 and used by the president of the company, Albert Weiss. Weiss jewelry appeared on the scene at the end of the Art Deco period 1914-1935 and the start of the Retro period 1935-1950 and extended through the mid-century period of the 1950's -1960's. They are especially known for their Black Diamond collection.

Checkout all our Weiss jewelry collection.

weiss black diamond jewelry

Weiss Black Diamond Demi Parure Set

ART DECO - Jewelry collection

weiss art deco choker set

weiss art deco brooch

weiss art deco earrings

RETRO PERIOD - Jewelry Collection

MID-CENTURY - Jewelry Collection

weiss mid century earrings

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