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Buy & Selling Vintage

Thank you for sharing your story with us. It is inspiring to hear about how your hobby eventually turned into a successful business. Your passion for vintage jewelry and fine collectibles is evident in the quality of items that you offer.

It's great to know that you are a USAF Veteran owned husband and wife team. Your dedication to serving our country has undoubtedly instilled in you a strong work ethic and attention to detail, which is reflected in the care that you take when selecting items for your business.

It's fascinating to hear about the different vendors and designers that you offer, many of whom are based in America. Your commitment to supporting local businesses is truly admirable.

It's clear that your love for vintage extends beyond just jewelry and collectibles, as you are also an avid collector of Indycar diecast, vintage radios, and Bakelite jewelry. And of course, we can't forget about your two exotic Bengal cats, who are surely a beloved part of your family.

Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself and your business with us. It's clear that you have a wealth of knowledge and passion for vintage items.

What Customers Say About Us

Excellent Lighter -- Better condition than expected. Thank you for getting this Art Deco Lighter to us in time for our episode filming -- Mad Men Prop Director

Nothing like Tiffany  --  I just wanted to say Thank you!! I just received my Tiffany ring, I polished it up and it looks amazing. Thank you so much. -- Melanie 

Beautiful!!!  --   The set I got for my daughter was amazing! It was as perfect as it was the day it was made...over 50 years ago!! -- Catherine

Beautiful  --  Great ring! Fast shipping! Thank you again for a great purchase  --   Catherine 
Good condition   --  The packaging was great. The item is in great condition. Thank you   --  Yvette 
Great Piece of History -- A rare coin in great condition. It was given as a birthday gift and he really loved it. Always love supporting small businesses. Quick shipping and great customer service. Thanks again! -- Sean
Vintage book -- Really enjoy the old recipes. Quick shipping! Thanks so much -- J Jenkins
Great Lighter -- The item is just brilliant its a quality small vintage lighter made in Japan, it could be good in the shelf for display or use it in smoking session with seniors‚ It arrives as expected, well insulated and well packed. Many thanks to GOVintage stores. Thumbs up. -- Benjamin 
One of a kind -- Very cool, one of a kind items my WW2 loving son really appreciated! -- Renee
What does the fox say? -- This brooch is so cute and unique..ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! -- DANNELLE 
Very satisfied! -- Excellent item exactly as described. Great price - super fast ship. Definitely would recommend! -- Kathleen 

Why Buy Vintage and Antique jewelry?
That’s beautiful…where did you get it?
I’ve never seen anything like it before!
This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.
We’ve seen it happen again and again—someone finds a piece that was made decades before they were even born, yet seems to be made just for them. Sometimes it’s what they’ve wanted forever; sometimes it’s a complete surprise. Most of all, we love people fall for the unique and enduring appeal of having all of jewelry history at their fingertips!
Our collection of vintage and antique jewelry is always changing. An elegant necklace, a clever brooch, a chic bracelet, a striking set of earrings, and of course, original vintage nearly every style and era we've found, yet we still get new pieces that surprise and delight us. From Art Deco to Mid-Century. You’ll never scroll through our online inventory and see a sea of clones or copies. Even our more recently-crafted estate pieces are chosen carefully with our unique collection in mind. We believe that there’s no such thing as “old” or “new” jewelry… we know that true beauty is timeless!
Vintage jewels are inherently eco-friendly, since they already exist in the world before entering our collection—sometimes one hundred years before! Our focus on high end costume jewelry from designers such as Weiss, Coro, Vendome, B David, Kenneth Jay Lane and more allows you to wear beautiful pieces for a fraction of the cost of fine jewelry without compromising the look.

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